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Local Cosmetic Fresno dentist will improve your smile with Dental Implants

Dr. Chavez, a leading Cosmetic Fresno dentist says dental implants are a versatile solution to any quantity of tooth loss. Though commonly placed by cosmetic dentists, the benefits go beyond a sunny smile and into the health of your mouth and jaw. These tooth replacements improve your smile in three common ways. First, dental implants act as fillers for individually missing teeth. Secondly, some dentists use dental implants to provide anchor points for dentures. Last, but definitely not least, some dentists use dental implants as an alternative to dentures altogether.

Replace missing teeth permanently

Losing a tooth to accident or decay even happens to the most careful people. Moreover, one or two missing teeth pose a real problem for chewing food and maintaining bone mass in the jaw. Your jaw loses bone mass around a missing tooth, weakening the jaw, and putting more pressure on your surrounding teeth. A missing tooth also allows more food and plaque to gather around your remaining teeth. This creates an increased risk and fixing it means more trips to your local Cosmetic Fresno dentist.

Fortunately, dental implants increases bone mass and protect your remaining teeth. They can do this because; at the base of a dental implant is a titanium screw. Once in place, the titanium and bone fuse. Your jaw grows around the new implant, strengthening your jaw. Additionally, the crown of your new implant protects your other teeth. Dental implants are a great way to address the concerns of your individual missing teeth.

Mini dental implants anchor dentures

Another way dental implants improve your smile is by acting as an anchor for your dentures, and improving their fit. If your dentures are loose-fitting, then you understand how uncomfortable they make your mouth feel. Dentures that slide make chewing and speaking difficult. This is especially bothersome if you chose dentures in order to fix similar issues with your natural teeth. Mini dental implants change all that.

Your Cosmetic Fresno dentist places the mini implants strategically in your mouth so that they snap together with corresponding screws in your dentures. This helps give the dentures stability in the mouth. Improving the look and feel of your dentures, also improves your smile.

Cosmetic Fresno dentist provides an alternative to dentures

If you would prefer to avoid dentures, all together, then full size dental implants provide you with that alternative. Full size dental implants are used to fill in one or two missing teeth. While full-mouth dental implants can be expensive, they can also be preferable to dentures for many reasons. Keeping the original shape of your mouth and preventing bone loss, as discussed above, is one major reason. Another reason to choose dental implants involves the upkeep of your dentures, having your dentures replaced, and so forth. Finally, full-mouth dental implants help build confidence, and deter any embarrassment. You want a natural smile that feels like a part of you, and wearing dentures feel unnatural. A cosmetic dentist will create a dental implant smile that looks fantastic for you!

In summary, dental implants replace natural teeth either individually, or as an alternative to dentures. Placing implants early helps prevent bone loss in the jaw, and helps you avoid more emergency visits to your local Cosmetic Fresno dentist, Dr. Chavez. Mini implants also help you get the most comfort and stability from your dentures. Whether it’s giving you the cosmetic confidence to smile again or improving the health of your jaw, dental implants are certain to improve your smile.

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