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Cosmetic Dentures & Bridges


Partial dentures are connected to remaining teeth with metal clasps to help prevent movement and cover less area, whereas full dentures cover everything.  Dentures & partials are generally considered custom dentures as they Partial dentures are usually custom made after the removal of any damaged or decayed teeth.

Removable partial dentures are appliances that are made of acrylic and metal. These appliances replace multiple teeth that are missing in the mouth. These appliances use metal clasps on remaining teeth to prevent movement. This type of denture is easily removed from the mouth by the patient of hygiene purposes.

A tooth bridge is a fixed partial denture made of porcelain and metal, or a porcelain like metal called zirconia. These are used to replace smaller areas where teeth may be missing. A Denture bridge is cemented on the remaining teeth and cannot be easily removed. Since fixed partial dentures are cemented in place, they are more stable than removable partial dentures.

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