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Root Canal Treatment


The pulp root in your tooth can become diseased if your tooth is damaged or infected. Diseased pulp can cause pain and swelling in and around the tooth. You may need to see Dr. Chavez for a dental root canal if you have the following:

  • Abscess: This is a pocket of infection that collects around the root of a tooth. A root canal helps remove the infection and prevents it from spreading.
  • Cavities: When bacteria is not cleaned from your teeth, it can turn into a sticky film called plaque. The plaque eats away at your teeth, causing small holes called cavities. Over time, untreated cavities will decay your teeth and may reach the pulp nerve of a tooth.
  • Trauma: You may have a broken tooth from an  or injury. If the pulp and root are exposed, you may need a root canal.

Despite what people say, if a root canal procedure is done in a timely fashion, it can be treated with relatively little discomfort.

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